A Place Where You Can Get Great Deals on Top Notch Healthy Products

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We have partnered up with the awesome guys behind the No Diet Podcast, RitzFit! They've created a great platform where you can get amazing introductory deals on completely all natural health and nutrition products that contain only REAL ingredients... like Supernola! Check out the interview with Supernola's Founder, Cindy, on Episode 32! 


Why We Love it...

When we say clean products, we mean clean products. They've done all the vetting for you. Supernola was an easy pass because we're super dedicated to this stuff over here, but how can you find similar products across the whole health and nutrition spectrum? They're going to be introduced to you at RitzFit.com that's how!

Also, the introductory deals that they've negotiated for members are really great deals. This is a members-only platform, so you get special members-only pricing on all of the products they bring on board. 

Become a member! 

Check out more details and all the other benefits as a member HERE, like access to their team of experts. Membership is super cheap (only $47/year, and early birds get $25 off!), and it's more than worth it. We don't push other things often but when we do, they're AWESOME!

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5 Creative + Fun Ways to Use Granola

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fun creative ways to eat granola

1. It's a snack. 

Long gone are the days of simply pouring dusty granola over your yogurt. Supernola is chunky so that it makes snacking on it MUCH easier, especially on-the-go. Driving from meeting to meeting? Snack on Supernola. Running out the door and missed breakfast? Supernola. Need something to eat before your workout that won't upset your stomach but you are STARV-ING? Supernola! We've transformed the simple concept of granola into a snacking staple that you can eat anytime, anywhere. 

2.  IN a smoothie. 

How many times do you replace a meal with a smoothie or a shake? Do you feel completely satisfied? Getting the adequate amount of good fats and nutrients in your smoothie can make all the difference in feeling satisfied for longer. Do this by putting a serving of Supernola in your blender and mixing it all up. 

3.  Cereal. 

Hate that crash after eating a sugary, carb-loaded bowl of cereal, but love to eat cereal? Add your Supernola to a bowl of milk (or milk-substitute) and eat those chunks cereal-style! For starters, it won't get soggy so you don't have to play the 'eat all the cereal before any of it gets soggy' game. Plus, our bold flavors turn milk into the most delicious thing to slurp up at the end! Berries & Crème Supernola will turn your milk purple (yes, perfect for the kids too!), and Dragon Fruit Limón will turn your milk pink, how fun! We'll call it your little treat for starting your day off right. Unicorn life, here we come. 

Granola as salad croutons

4.  Croutons. 

Yes, top your salad with Supernola instead of croutons to add that little bit of extra flavor and a nice energy boost. Putting any berries on your salad? Add Berries & Crème. Using a lemon-based dressing? Try Dragon Fruit Limón. Ginger in there? Power Pineapple is your friend. What about a hearty kale + cabbage salad? Goji Spice can add just the flavor you're left craving. 

5.  Dessert. 

Making a recipe that includes a crumble on top? Replace the oats in the recipe with Supernola and make your dessert just a little bit healthier! Use Goji Spice for anything with cinnamon, Berries & Crème for anything with berries, Power Pineapple for anything with Pineapple, and Dragon Fruit Limón for anything with citrus. So... that means I can have one more piece, right? ... but it's healthy!

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Our FREE Supernola promotion is back! From 5/15 - 6/15, send a bag of Supernola to anyone in the continental US absolutely free with each online order. 


What is it?

We all know that it's so much easier to achieve a goal when we have a partner alongside us. Whether its a health goal, fitness goal, summer body goal, or just maintaining what you've already achieved, we all have a goal. Do you have someone who is working hard at achieving their goal? Do you know someone who could use a little bit of encouragement? Or, do you simply know someone who needs a little push to get going? Be that encouraging partner for them. Give them a little healthy surprise. Acknowledge their hard work towards their goal. Show them that someone cares about them. Help them to continue to move forward. For free!

How does it work?

1.  Order online (right here) - the perfect opportunity to restock your pantry, desk, or gym bag! 

2.  Respond to your order confirmation email with the Full Name and Mailing Address. 

3.  Done! We'll send a 2.75 oz bag directly to that person, completely free to you. When you both receive your Supernola, share it on social media by tagging us @eatsupernola and using the hashtag #LetsBeSuperTogether

Ready? Let's Go!

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Our 4 Favorite Health + Food Bloggers Right Now

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Owning a healthy food company, I get to talk health, wellness, and of course food with A LOT of people. Sometimes these conversations are textbook, and sometimes we meet someone who is just as obsessed, if not more, and our conversations are so interesting and we just can't obsessing over that someone. All of these people also have one important thing in common... they give out tons of FREE recipes, advice, nutritional education, and talk about some super interesting health + wellness + food topics. So... drumroll please... here are our top 4 bloggers right now!

1.  Paleo Collective:   www.paleocollective.com 

Natalie (aka Chef Pooks) is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. She GETS it. And she knows crazy things about food as medicine that very few people even know. She also just happens to be the absolute best chef ever, and ALL of the food she cooks is paleo. Paleo lasagna? Yup. Paleo dessert tables? She does those. Paleo chocolates and truffles? She nailed it. Her super modern, clean style is the perfect inspiration for you to impress anyone!

2.  Robin Barrie Kaiden, MS, RD, CDN, CSSD:  www.robinbarrie.com

Robin is both a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Personal Trainer with all the answers to every single question about food and health that you'll ever even think of! She is one of the nation's TOP experts, and shares some amazing tips and recipes on her blog (it's free, crazy right?!). Oh, and she's also been on CBS, NBC, Forbes, etc. because she knows her stuff and always looks like a superstar.

3.  Between Two Forks:  www.betweentwoforks.com

Raf makes food look like Mozart and Picasso had a baby. A paleo food baby. It will blow your freakin mind! He thinks completely outside the box more than anyone else, with recipes like this paleo cannoli using Supernola, and the most amazingly creative dishes you've ever seen (paleo blue corn tamales, anyone?!). Also, his dark style of food photography is so unique, I just can't stop obsessing. OB-sessing. 

4.  Om and the City:  www.omandthecityblog.com

Jules has great vibes, and inspires you to live a better, healthier lifestyle! Ever wonder how to take the concepts of yoga and apply it to your everyday life? She's full of tips across the board on yoga, health, wellness, and food. Yoga tips + how-to's, plus beauty, food, travel, and more - she can help to kickstart your #namaslay mentality immediately!


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10 Tips to Make Healthy Snacking Easier

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  1. Plan Ahead.

When the salty/sweet urge hits, you’re going to want something healthy ready. Prep your snacks for the week ahead of time, and have multiple options ready for yourself. Research has shown that you’re more likely to choose a snack that’s within eyesight, so put your snacks in convenient spots that you’ll be able to see when you’re going to want to snack.


  1. Snack Prep With Fun, Small Containers.

Get creative and make your snacking fun! Reuse other jars, use mason jars, find mini-tupperware and mini bags to portion out snacks. Containers with multiple sections can give you different snacking options in one, and make you feel more satiated by pairing salty with sweet snacks. Making your food look beautiful will help to make you want to eat it over another unhealthy option that also looks good.


  1. Make Realistic Swaps.

You’re craving chips. Ok, so eat chips… just a different kind of chip. Think about what exactly it is you’re craving and why to help figure out a healthier version. Craving chips? Maybe you need a snack with some salt.


Craving This?

Try This Instead…


Potato Chips

Jicama Chips, Root Vegetable Chips, Plantain Chips, or Kale Chips


Sweetness and Crunch

Coconut Chips, Apple Chips



Supernola, coconut macaroons, homemade energy balls



Veggies (celery, carrots), dip (hummus, nut cheese dip, mustards, nut butters)



Dark chocolate (70% or higher)



  1. Snack-tivity.

Sometimes we just want to snack because we’re a little bored. So make snacking an activity! Eating snacks that take work, like oranges or grapefruit, or even peeling a hardboiled egg, will solve both of your problems, and are still healthy options.


  1. Watch Out For Sugar.

When picking a snack, be mindful of the sugars. While fruits may be healthier options, overloading on them means lots of sugar. Many snack bars may have very clean ingredients, but have 20 grams of sugar. Limit these kinds of snacks to just a couple times a week, or only eat half of the bar.


  1. Avoid Mindless Snacking.

The best way to avoid mindless snacking is to deliberately snack. Focus on what you’re eating and try not to snack while doing another activity, like watching TV. If you feel yourself going hand-to-mouth with a bag, concentrate on what you’re doing instead of what is distracting you. Need something in your mouth still? Try drinking some tea or bone broth.


  1. Chew Slowly. 

It takes the brain approximately 20 minutes to get the full signal from your stomach. 20 minutes! Chew slowly, chew a lot, and savor every bite, especially if you’re responding to a craving. A study found that chewing almonds 25 or 40 times before swallowing led to significantly more nutrients absorbed, and helped to make people feel fuller than chewing fewer times. Chew!


  1. Don’t Be Fooled By Low Calorie or Fat Free Snacks.

Fat free or low calorie many times means that something was taken out. But when something is taken out, something else has to be put in, like sugars, additives, processed ingredients, or many other things that can be worse for you than the original version. Stick to clean, whole ingredients by checking the ingredients list instead of automatically thinking that these claims make it better for you.


  1. Try New Things.

Ever heard of jicama? What about yucca? Dragon fruit? Goji berries? Rambutan? Explore the produce aisles and look up fruits and vegetables that you haven’t heard of before. You may find your new favorite snack!


  1. Drink Water.

We’ve all heard that many times when we feel hungry, we are really just thirsty. Before you decide to go for that snack, drink a few big gulps of water, and wait a few minutes. Still hungry? Grab that healthy snack. 

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