Eat Real Food

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Eat Real Food

We get it – not everyone can be completely 100% paleo. We love our wine and cheese just as much as the next person. Why is it that Americans are the most obese people in the world while also being the most diet obsessed and body conscious country? Look at the shelves in your average grocery store, all those boxes of “fat-free”, “gluten-free” “diet” foods are not actually food. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, chances are it’s not food. (Unless it’s something you actually can’t pronounce like acai, ‘ah-sigh-ee’)

Why should you eat real food?

1. It’s delicious
2. We were meant to eat it
3. GMO’s and modified foods may cause cancer
4. Feel better – Genetically modified foods and preservatives may lead to depression (Your body doesn’t know that your not eating food – Stop tricking your body!)
5. Lose Weight – When you trick your body, it still wants to eat real food, so you keep eating because you don’t think you’re full
6. It’s delicious! Trust us. Try it.

Supernola is REAL FOOD. There are 22 ingredients, all of which all come from either the ground or a tree. Read them! We dare you. We encourage you to always read the ingredients in the food you eat. Supernola is gluten-free because none of its ingredients have gluten naturally. There are no mysterious “natural flavors”. There are no crazy modified “gluten-free oats”. There are no GMO’s. Absolutely nothing is modified because we like nature the way it is.

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