Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

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So, we decided one day to go crazy on an online "health foods" site and buy about 20 different bars that we saw.  There's a healthy food bar craze going on right now, so why not take advantage of it! Well, maybe we're spoiled with absolutely amazing tasting food, or maybe there's a problem out there in the health food industry, but we wouldn't buy any of these bars again. Not a single one.  Besides the fact that many were wildly mislabeled, not a single one of them had us saying "We have to buy some more of these!".... and that's just sad.

Right now, we are painfully eating a "raw organic nutrition bar".  You already know we have a problem with healthy food tasting "healthy", but this bar is just the last straw.  Is it bad? No, it's not bad.  It's super healthy so that's good. But it's not good either. It's like whoever made this decided that they were just going to put 8 ingredients together and call it a day. Great job, you took the easy way out! And now, our mouths have a gross after-taste of rotten dates for some reason.... 

Why are we, as consumers,  just accepting these healthy foods into our diet because they're good for us? Why can't we eat something that tastes delicious, and also gives us incredible nutrition? Where are all the people trying to solve this problem?

We believe that healthy food "tasting healthy" is one of the many reasons why people eat an ice cream sundae and burger from McDonald's over this organic raw nutrition bar.  Far fetched to say that maybe, just possibly, it's helped lead the majority of our population to be overweight or worse? NO. Not to us. As if eating healthy wasn't already difficult in our society in the vast majority of towns in America, it also apparently means sacrificing taste. That seems like the old saying "you can't have you cake and eat it too" is true. But why does it have to be? Why can't I buy something that's extremely healthy for me AND have it taste delicious? Why can't I please my taste buds AND my well-being? I want to have my cake and eat it too!  AND I WILL.  This bar that's now made our mouths taste like we vomited about 5 minutes ago will not be a part of it.  But you know what will be? Every single product we make here at Supernola. Because why would you have to give up something so simple as beneficial nutrition in order to please your taste buds (arguably your mental health also, but that's another blog post)? There's no good reason. Save the have your cake and eat it too saying for other things in life where it has to apply.... but not here. This is why we are 100% committed to transforming the health food industry into what it should be - an industry full of absolutely delicious foods that provide you with the nutrients your body needs in the healthiest package possible.  Supernola is just the beginning, but it's a start. Now, we're going to make some healthy cake just to prove our point!

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