What is Cyprus Black Lava Salt?

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We get this question all the time from people who actually read the label (WE LOVE YOU, WE NEED MORE OF YOU IN THIS WORLD). Pink Himalayan Sea Salt (PHSS) has become super popular lately, and people always ask us why we use Cyprus Black Lava Salt (CBLS) instead.  Well, just like I've said before, I did a LOT of research about each ingredient in Supernola, and made sure to put the very best version of each ingredient into Supernola. But first, let's start out with the What....

What is Cyprus Black Lava Salt:   CBLS is a Mediterranean sea salt that naturally forms in large, pyramid-shaped crystals.  It contains sea salt and activated charcoal.  It is Certified Kosher, non-GMO, and does not contain any additives, including anti-caking agents, free-flowing agents, or conditioners found in table salt. 

Why Cyprus Black Lava over Pink Himalayan:  As salt is made up of sodium and chloride, each salt has a slightly different ratio; CBLS in particular has a lower sodium content per gram than PHSS, but still contains the beneficial trace minerals that the health industry praises PHSS for.  So you not only get lower sodium by using the same amount of CBLS, but you also get the benefits of the activated charcoal.  What are those benefits, you might ask?  Well.... our Cyprus Black Lava Salt.....

- Helps to cleanse and detoxify the body by dissolving and eliminating sediments to remove toxins

- Helps to increase hydration, regulate water levels, and balance pH

- Helps to reduce acid reflux

- Prevents muscle cramping

- Aids in metabolic function by also helping the intestines absorb nutrients

- Helps to reduce gas and bloating as it enters the digestive tract and binds to byproducts and alleviates these digestive issues

- May slow the rate at which the brain becomes sensitive to toxins as a person ages, making for better cognitive function and improves the adaptive functioning of essential organs like the liver, kidneys, and adrenals

- May also improve heart health by regulating a person's HDL/LDL ratio and may lead to prevention of sclerosis in the heart

I've been on the activated charcoal bandwagon for only about a year now (as of August 2015), but it is amazing. So once I discovered CBLS, I replaced my PHSS immediately.  Now, the devil's advocate in me is saying, it's such a trivial amount, it makes no difference.  But the realist in me says, even the smallest amount of something beneficial compounds with other small beneficial things I do to make a big difference in how my body works and feels... so even the smallest things are worth it. Also, it makes my food look fun by sprinkling some black on top! And if you know me.... you know that you can almost always find me wearing black. 

Would love to answer your questions about CBLS and activate charcoal -- email me directly at cindy@eatsupernola.com and I'll respond with lots of info and probably lots of !!!!!

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