Supernola's Top 5 Quick & Highly Effective Workouts

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Ever wonder how we stay fit while being so busy? We're sharing our little secret.  These shorter length, high intensity workout methods can help you to make your time working out more efficient - perfect for all you crazy busy people like us! By performing anaerobic movements quickly with short and timed rest periods, you can jumpstart your body's fat burning process, and keep it going for a period of time after your workout (aka "EPOC"). Here are our top 5 quick & effective workouts for those of you with little time needing quick results. Let's get it in!

  1. EMOMs (Every Minute On the Minute): 

    EMOMS are a great option of you are working out alone, because the timer acts like a coach for you, helping to motivate you and keep you going until you hear that final buzzer! They're also a great way to quickly build up work capacity because you can easily increase either the weight, reps, or time without even noticing (well, kinda). We suggest an app to help you like Workout Hero.

  2. Sprint Intervals: Warning! You will feel these the next day. We like to start off by sprinting for 10 seconds, then resting for 50 seconds, increasing by 5 seconds of sprinting each week to build up to 40 seconds of sprinting with 20 seconds of rest. Add this into your workout even if you only do 5 minutes at a time to give any workout the perfect fat-burning boost. Want to kick it up a notch? Add a hill or resistance band to the mix... Your bum will thank us!

  3. Versa Climber: Antonio believes this machine is the next big thing, as it provides a high-intensity, full body workout that's a quick fat-burner.  If you have access to a versa climber, try either climbing for time or distance. Work up to 20 seconds of climbing by time or 40 meters at a time, with 1 minute of rest in between, depending on what your body is telling you.  Be careful with this one - it definitely catches up to you quickly!

  4. Rowing Intervals: Rowing machines are great for warm ups and long distance, but also perfect for a quick and high intensity workout. Try starting with 10 x 100 meter row sprints with 1 minute of rest, adding an additional sprint in each workout if you can. Work up to 20 x 100 meter sprints per workout. If that isn't good enough, try to get a better time with each 100 meter sprint and beat your last time!

  5. Body Weight Cardio Circuits:  Mix 5-10 of your favorite body weight exercises together to create your personal circuit training workout you can do anywhere. Perform each movement for 40-50 seconds with a 10-20 second break in between each exercise, ideally as quickly as possible to get the heart rate up quickly and keep it up throughout the workout. Make sure the movements are not too repetitive, working as many different muscles as possible, and ideally as many muscles in each movement as possible. Cycle through the exercises 3-5 times, depending on how many you put in your circuit. Feel the burn baby!

Next post we will get into more detail about EPOC - what it is, myth busting, and how it can help you achieve your fitness goals. Until then, try each of these and let us know which is your favorite! Tag us on Instagram @supernolaman or Twitter @eatsupernola to show us!



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