5 Creative + Fun Ways to Use Granola

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fun creative ways to eat granola

1. It's a snack. 

Long gone are the days of simply pouring dusty granola over your yogurt. Supernola is chunky so that it makes snacking on it MUCH easier, especially on-the-go. Driving from meeting to meeting? Snack on Supernola. Running out the door and missed breakfast? Supernola. Need something to eat before your workout that won't upset your stomach but you are STARV-ING? Supernola! We've transformed the simple concept of granola into a snacking staple that you can eat anytime, anywhere. 

2.  IN a smoothie. 

How many times do you replace a meal with a smoothie or a shake? Do you feel completely satisfied? Getting the adequate amount of good fats and nutrients in your smoothie can make all the difference in feeling satisfied for longer. Do this by putting a serving of Supernola in your blender and mixing it all up. 

3.  Cereal. 

Hate that crash after eating a sugary, carb-loaded bowl of cereal, but love to eat cereal? Add your Supernola to a bowl of milk (or milk-substitute) and eat those chunks cereal-style! For starters, it won't get soggy so you don't have to play the 'eat all the cereal before any of it gets soggy' game. Plus, our bold flavors turn milk into the most delicious thing to slurp up at the end! Berries & Crème Supernola will turn your milk purple (yes, perfect for the kids too!), and Dragon Fruit Limón will turn your milk pink, how fun! We'll call it your little treat for starting your day off right. Unicorn life, here we come. 

Granola as salad croutons

4.  Croutons. 

Yes, top your salad with Supernola instead of croutons to add that little bit of extra flavor and a nice energy boost. Putting any berries on your salad? Add Berries & Crème. Using a lemon-based dressing? Try Dragon Fruit Limón. Ginger in there? Power Pineapple is your friend. What about a hearty kale + cabbage salad? Goji Spice can add just the flavor you're left craving. 

5.  Dessert. 

Making a recipe that includes a crumble on top? Replace the oats in the recipe with Supernola and make your dessert just a little bit healthier! Use Goji Spice for anything with cinnamon, Berries & Crème for anything with berries, Power Pineapple for anything with Pineapple, and Dragon Fruit Limón for anything with citrus. So... that means I can have one more piece, right? ... but it's healthy!

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