How Do You Make a Good Breakfast Bowl?

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Search the hashtag #breakfastinspo and you'll find a million and one bowls that are beautiful and make you drool... #droolclub is actually a thing, people. 

But how does a normal person do this? It's not as hard as it looks... so here's a little How-To on inspoworthy breakfast bowls! 

1. Mason Jar is a must. 

If you're doing layers, a Mason Jar is the best way to showcase it. It's also super easy to just put a lid on it and take it to go after you've made your breakfast bowl... how practical! 

You can also use a nice clean white bowl if you want to decorate the top, or a clear bowl if you're doing a side shot like the one above. If you really want to get creative, try different shaped bowls or glassware, like a champagne or martini glass, or an empty liquor bottle. 


2. Use bold, contrasting colored foods. 

The bolder the colors, the more appealing it is to the eye. Also, you're probably getting more nutrients which, after all, is kinda the whole purpose of doing this in the first place... 

Try using both fruits and vegetables, play around with exotic superfoods, and play around with shapes. 

3.  Layer, Layer, Layer! 

Layering is the best way to make your breakfast bowl beautiful. Layer yogurt, Supernola, superfoods, smoothies... anything you want in there, but layer it. The more layers, the more fun! 

If you're looking to do a bowl for an aerial shot, you should layer horizontally. Play around with designs on top of the bowl, too. Think geometric, or try creating a pattern or design that may be familiar. 

4. Don't clean up! 

If you're looking for a picture, there's nothing better than taking it of your workspace right as it is after you made that beautiful breakfast bowl. See that down there? Didn't clean up... and it's awesome. Just saying.  



Seriously, why would you take all the time to do this if you don't actually eat and enjoy it?! What's wrong with people these days... 

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  • Love these instructions…especially the part about not cleaning up and just eating it. Beautiful food!

    Ang on

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