Our 4 Favorite Health + Food Bloggers Right Now

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Owning a healthy food company, I get to talk health, wellness, and of course food with A LOT of people. Sometimes these conversations are textbook, and sometimes we meet someone who is just as obsessed, if not more, and our conversations are so interesting and we just can't obsessing over that someone. All of these people also have one important thing in common... they give out tons of FREE recipes, advice, nutritional education, and talk about some super interesting health + wellness + food topics. So... drumroll please... here are our top 4 bloggers right now!

1.  Paleo Collective:   www.paleocollective.com 

Natalie (aka Chef Pooks) is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. She GETS it. And she knows crazy things about food as medicine that very few people even know. She also just happens to be the absolute best chef ever, and ALL of the food she cooks is paleo. Paleo lasagna? Yup. Paleo dessert tables? She does those. Paleo chocolates and truffles? She nailed it. Her super modern, clean style is the perfect inspiration for you to impress anyone!

2.  Robin Barrie Kaiden, MS, RD, CDN, CSSD:  www.robinbarrie.com

Robin is both a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Personal Trainer with all the answers to every single question about food and health that you'll ever even think of! She is one of the nation's TOP experts, and shares some amazing tips and recipes on her blog (it's free, crazy right?!). Oh, and she's also been on CBS, NBC, Forbes, etc. because she knows her stuff and always looks like a superstar.

3.  Between Two Forks:  www.betweentwoforks.com

Raf makes food look like Mozart and Picasso had a baby. A paleo food baby. It will blow your freakin mind! He thinks completely outside the box more than anyone else, with recipes like this paleo cannoli using Supernola, and the most amazingly creative dishes you've ever seen (paleo blue corn tamales, anyone?!). Also, his dark style of food photography is so unique, I just can't stop obsessing. OB-sessing. 

4.  Om and the City:  www.omandthecityblog.com

Jules has great vibes, and inspires you to live a better, healthier lifestyle! Ever wonder how to take the concepts of yoga and apply it to your everyday life? She's full of tips across the board on yoga, health, wellness, and food. Yoga tips + how-to's, plus beauty, food, travel, and more - she can help to kickstart your #namaslay mentality immediately!


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