PRESS RELEASE: EVOLVE Brands debuting at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market sports show in Denver

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EVOLVE Brands debuting at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market sports show in Denver

Gorilly Goods and Supernola coming to ideal Mile High audience

Jackson, Wis. (July 16, 2018) – EVOLVE Brands is bringing its mindful snacking products to its ideal target consumers at the 2018 Outdoor Retailer, the world’s leading outdoor sports show where industry brands, retailers, suppliers and leaders gather and showcase their products to consumers.

Dubbed “where the new happens” the Outdoor Retailer sports show, scheduled for July 23-26 in Denver, is ripe with leadership seminars, training sessions and brands on display. Everything from outdoor gear, appeal and lifestyle products will be featured at the show. Held at the Colorado Convention Center, EVOLVE Brands will be in booth #21335-SL.

EVOLVE Brands is at the forefront of the next evolution in snacking. As the continuum has changed from cheap, processed snacks to better-for-you, the next transformation of snacking will be ‘mindful.’ Currently, EVOLVE Brands produces two mindful snack lines, Gorilly Goods and Supernola, dedicated to its mission to create a “better world through better food that is nutrient-dense, delicious and convenient” for consumers to enjoy.

Gorilly Goods and Supernola are ideal for outdoor lovers – hikers, skiers, campers, fisherman and others – who crave healthy snacks, which are also nutrient, and protein rich and perfect for on-the-go mindful snacking. While Gorilly Goods has attended the show for the past couple years, Supernola will be debuting at the show. 

Gorilly Goods has six on-the-go products that are both savory and sweet. Gorilly Goods products are nutrient dense, raw clusters of pure, Certified Organic crunch. Supernola comes in four varieties of nutrient dense, colorful clusters of soft-baked, sustainable, anti-inflammatory packed energy. The Supernola line is Certified Paleo and is transitioning to organic.

“We are excited to debut the Supernola line at Outdoor Retailer and showcase Gorilly Goods under the EVOLVE umbrella,” said Cindy Poiesz, a partner in EVOLVE Brands. “The outdoor show brings together some of the consumers who need nutrient-dense snacks the most.”


About EVOLVE Brands

An ideal mix of CPG industry leadership and on-the-ground product development expertise, EVOLVE Brands is disrupting the healthy snack industry with unique on-the-go products that are at the forefront of the next evolution in snacking.


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