What is a Maqui Berry?

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Maqui berries are one of the special ingredients in our Berries & Crème Supernola. But what are they? You've probably never heard of them before. But, they contain more antioxidants than acai berries, pomegranates, and goji berries. So why haven't you heard of them? Honestly, because no company has massed produced them in a consumer-ready product to make their benefits easily and readily available. Oh, except for us of course! 

What Are Maqui Berries?

Maqui berries are a small, very dark purple (almost black) fruit of an evergreen shrub that grows in the Patagonian mountain region of Chile (near the Andes). They have a slightly tart flavor that may remind you of blackberries, blueberries, acai and some people even think watermelon. It may also be referred to as the Chilean wineberry. They are sparsely cultivated, and are more expensive than their superfruit counterparts. The evergreen tree they grow on has very thin, flexible branches and reaches on average 13 - 16 feet in height. The berries are harvested from December to March, with an estimated annual yield of approximately only 90 tons. 

How Do You Eat Maqui Berries?

Maqui berries can be eaten fresh, although they are very sensitive to frost. They can be dehydrated, processed into jam, juice, or an astringent. Maqui berries can also be freeze dried and ground into a powder to maintain all of its nutrients, which is how it is used in Supernola.

Nutrition and Benefits of Maqui Berries.

These berries are contain vitamin C, calcium, iron and potassium. They are an abundant source of polyphenols including anti-aging anthocyanins, and anti-inflammatory compounds. Most notably, maqui berries have an ORAC value four to 30 times higher than the average acai berry (according to a Medical News Today report). 

Maqui berries were originally fed to native warriors and were believed to give them extra strength and endurance, some think super human capabilities. Today, maqui berries are used to fend off free radicals given their antioxidant power, making them a potentially powerful anti-carcinogen. They have also shown anti-viral effects, metabolism-boosting effects, are anti-inflammatory, and may help to extend life span (as evidenced by the cultures that use them most and have a longer average lifespan). 

But who knows what they can do for you... all we can do is make them easily available in our Berries & Crème Supernola and let you experience their power for yourself!  

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