About Us.

Supernola is a grain-free, superfood packed, snacking granola made the way you and your nutritionist have both been wanting. 

How did we do it? It all started when I got sick of being sick to my stomach, sluggish, and exhausted all the time.  I decided to try a paleo diet by cutting out grains, dairy, refined sugars and processed foods. However, I struggled to find something I could eat for breakfast, before a workout, and whenever I needed energy most. With my demanding job in finance, I couldn't afford to get sick, be tired, or not be on my A-game every single day.

So every Sunday, I would make a 'concoction' of nuts, seeds and different superfoods. I became obsessed with the power of superfoods, and I researched the absolute best possible ingredients. I needed an anytime snack that tasted just as good, even better than unhealthy foods, so that it would be an easy option for me to choose this snack over another unhealthy yet delicious option. After many failed attempts, intense research, and nearly two years of testing, Supernola's Goji Spice flavor was perfected. 

Once I had everyone begging me for the recipe, I decided to share my secret fuel. At the same time, my father was diagnosed with ALS. As my life suddenly turned upside down, I realized that everything happens for a reason. Sharing my passion for truly healthy foods that taste amazing and heal, not hurt your body, was my calling in life. I moved the company from Los Angeles to my hometown in Central PA, quit my job, and went all in to share my passion with everyone. 

I'm Cindy, and I'm passionate about truly good foods for your body that taste absolutely amazing. I'm here to help make that healthier option a whole lot easier, to help you tackle your demanding day with sustainable energy, to help your body to feel much better, to help you be energized throughout your workout, and to help you be a little more 'super' each and every day. 

Obesity has become an epidemic, and much of it is the food industry's fault.  We can't create foods that are unhealthy but taste so good, while creating foods that are healthy but taste terrible.  I believe that with the right high quality ingredients, I can turn any health food into something that even a McDonald's addict will love.  That's why each flavor of Supernola is bold and complex, combining the flavors of at least 15 different ingredients, while still being lower in sugar and very low in sodium.  I hope to one day make even a small dent in our obesity epidemic, and that starts with Supernola. 

Join me in my passion. Share Supernola with your family, friends, co-workers, people who care about what they put into their body, and people who want to care but don't quite follow through.  Show them that food that is good for you can be absolutely delicious too!

~ Cindy 



To make the healthy eating option an easy decision by making snacks that are just as healthy as they are delicious, and making them readily available to every consumer.