*Variety Pack*

Guilt-Free Paleo On-the-Go Snack Packed With Superfoods, Tree Nuts, Seeds & Adaptogens

Have it all. All you need is determination and good, healthy fuel in your body. Nutritious and delicious, Supernola is a complex yet simple snack of natural, energy-sustaining whole foods and nourishing superfoods. Tackle your demanding day or power through your workout. Achieve your goals and have it all—one bite at a time.

Four delicious, unique flavors: 

  • Triple Berry Vanilla
  • Dragonfruit Lemon Zest
  • Pineapple Ginger Fusion
  • Signature Spiced Goji

Variety Pack (4 bags)

A satiating, energizing snack
With four bold, complex flavors, you'll never need another snack. Convenient, healthy, delicious. Win-win for you? We think so.

  • Made with exotic superfoods that enhance the snack's anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Adaptogenic maca is known to help your body naturally combat stress and boost immunity
  • High in protein, low in sugar, very low in sodium, and no refined ingredients at all, and now all ORGANIC ingredients!


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