• Why is Supernola good for me?        

Supernola provides an adequate source of essential fats and carbohydrates to fuel you with sustainable energy.  Supernola is also high in vitamins and minerals that help your body during and after a workout, such as magnesium and vitamin B1. We’ve put the best possible ingredients and combined the natural power of exotic superfoods to provide you with optimal nutrition for your active lifestyle – one that won’t upset your stomach, even if you eat it right before a workout.


  • How do I eat it?         

Any way you like!  With any type of milk as a cereal, on top of yogurt, with fruits (especially berries!), or by itself right out of the bag anytime you need some delicious energy most! 


  • Is Goji Spice spicy?    

No.  Goji Spice is named as it’s very similar to a pumpkin spice, without the pumpkin.  The spices are not spicy – simply true cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves.  We only use organic spices.


  • Why is Dragon Fruit Limón bright pink and Berries & Crème deep purple?         

We do not use any dyes.  The colors come naturally from the superfoods, dragon fruit and maqui berries.


  • What is the shelf life?        

The best by date is always printed on the back of the bag, however general shelf life is approximately 6 months. If Supernola is refrigerated, it will help to keep it fresher longer. We do not put any preservatives in Supernola, so our shelf life may be shorter than other products you may be used to. 

  • Is Supernola locally-sourced?         

While we try to source as many ingredients as possible locally and in the US, many of the exotic superfoods we use cannot be grown in the US.  We make sure to source all of our non-GMO ingredients from ethical and sustainable farms and companies whenever possible. For instance, we purchase our almonds directly from a farm in California, and our pecans directly from a farm in Georgia.  When we purchase some of the more exotic superfoods, we request information on the harvest, from the farm harvested from to the weather that season and size of the harvest. 

Supernola is made in the USA, currently manufacturing in Harrisburg, PA (previously Santa Monica, CA). 


  • Is it gluten-free?        

Yes.  Supernola is naturally gluten-free as it is grain-free.  We also make sure none of our ingredients come into contact with gluten by manufacturing out of a gluten-free facility, and we make sure that that our raw ingredients have been certified gluten-free.


  • Oh the fat content is too high… why would I eat it?             

Supernola’s fats are THE BEST fats for you! Remember that your body gets its energy from carbs AND fats.  It’s the bad fats that ruin it for all fats these days… but rest assured, Supernola only contains natural fats from the nuts and seeds, and we use an unrefined, organic, extra virgin coconut oil to provide your body with a metabolism-boosting fuel.    


  • Is it Vegan?    

Dragon Fruit Limón and Power Pineapple are Vegan.  The other flavors use all-natural, organic, raw honey.


  •  Is it Military Friendly?

We are proud to support our troops and first-responders, so we created two varieties of Supernola that do not include 'hemp': Berries & Crème and Power Pineapple.


  • What is Paleo?          

We consider the paleo diet to be focused on foods that are anti-inflammatory to your body and that your body can easily process without negative side effects.  It is a way of eating that excludes many inflammatory foods, such as grains, legumes and dairy, and instead focuses on protein- and fat-rich whole foods.  It also excludes processed foods.  Supernola is Certified Paleo by the Paleo Foundation as it does not contain any of these ingredients, nor does it contain any refined sugars or other refined products.


  • How much is Shipping?          

We ship priority mail via USPS and all orders are have carrier-calculated shipping. If your order is over $75, we provide shipping free! 


  • How quickly will I receive my order?

Supernola is baked fresh multiple times per week to give you the absolute freshest superfood packed food out there. We typically ship orders within 3 business days. If we expect this to be longer, we will send an email to notify you. Many times, however, we are able to ship same day or next day to you! 

  • Do you do private labeling or cobranding?

We are always welcoming private labeling opportunities, or opportunities to cobrand the packaging alongside your brand. Please contact us to explore the possibilities!